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Glow in the dark! Space cat vaccine card protector

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3x4 Vinyl vaccination card protector. Fits vaccination card and ID, credit card and cash. Secure hook to attach to a bag, backpack or lanyard Made to order.

Customer Reviews

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Olivia Ebert

5 stars review from Olivia

Rachelle Edwards

Haven't tested how well this card holder glows yet, but the pattern is fun and the regular colors are just as beautifully saturated as in the pictures and the vaccination card fits in great once you get it past the opening! It was a tight squeeze, but this means I'm not at all worried about the card slipping out again. This one and all the others we ordered are absolutely grand, and I know I definitely won't lose my card this time! 😁😂

Gabriel Doyle

What a fantastic addition to my life this is. I never knew I needed a vaccine card holder, but this is infinitely better than trying to shove the giant thing in my wallet. The design is so cute and unique, and the colors are such a vibe and make the case look like it's glowing even when it's not. The cats are really nicely placed and spaced apart. The glow is no joke! Very bright and satisfying. My 4x3 vax card fits like a glove, with no room to wiggle around, and all of the important information is easily visible without removing the card from the holder. The material feels very sturdy, but also very smooth and nice to hold. The clasp is heavy-duty and nicely attaches to all my bags and belt loops. Definitely met and exceeded all my expectations.