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Compact Multipass vax card protector

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3x4" Vinyl vaccination card protector. Fits vaccination card and ID, credit card and cash. Secure hook to attach to a bag, backpack or belt loop. Made to order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Lisa Grady

5 stars review from Lisa

Kaycee Orn

5 stars review from Kaycee

Rachael Hirthe

5 stars review from Rachael

Vanessa Pfeffer

I could tell that it was really well made and while there are some parts that don't seem as sturdy. It's still very nice and holds everything perfectly. Another thing that I love about it is how I can keep my clipper card in there and it'll still work when I'm using the bus so that's something that I really appreciate.

Merily Stiedemann

I am disappointed in the defects that it has, I really was looking forward to this. It looked like it was made in a rush, the stiching around the orange detail is misaligned, the L also has excessive string that it bulges out. And the stiching around the plastic is also misaligned, it actually went onto the plastic. The circular part was cut rather odd... I compared it with pictures from other customer reviews, they dont have the same defects as mime does. I am not really happy with it ...