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Banned books vaccine card protector

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3x4 Vinyl vaccination card protector. Fits vaccination card and ID, credit card and cash. Secure hook to attach to a bag, backpack or lanyard Made to order.

Customer Reviews

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Pam N

Very nice item. Very happy with purchase.

Seirra Greenholt

Such good quality, fits my vaccine card perfectly. I couldn't be happier!

Tracy Fritsch

Totally cute and everyone wants it!

Emma Greenholt

I work at a rehabilitation center inside a hospital as a nurse and it's my hospitals protocol that our Covid cards be readily available as proof of our vaccination. I thought it would just be easier to carry the card with my ID badge, so i wanted to find a card holder that was cute, functional, and was able to hold onto the ID for convenience. And let me just say, I've gotten so many older patients complimenting me on how cute and adorable the holder is! Most say it reminds them of the books they had to read while they were in school or that it looks like a genuine library card they had to use! I've even had the majority ask which Etsy shop I've gotten it from to look into buying one of their own! I'm grateful to the shop and will definitely recommend as many people as i can to it so that they can get their work recognized!

Della Carter