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2020 was a Dumpster Fire -face masks with removable filter

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100% cotton mask with pocket for removable filter, nose wire sheath, and ribbon ties. The lining is an undyed, heavy weave cotton and suitible for sensitive skin, but i can also do a water resistant poplin lining upon request.

A 2.5 pm 5 layer activated charcoal mask will be included with each mask as well as a removable nose wire . Secure stops for ties to help keep snug to your face and also prevent accidental unthreading!

Size guidelines are as follows-

(width from ear to ear, length from bridge of nose to base of chin)

Child 2-6yr 8" x 4.5"
Child 7-12y 8.5"x5"
Teen 9"x5"
Adult Med 9"x5.5"
Adult Lg 10"x6"
Adult XL 10.5"x6.5"

If none of these sizes quite work please feel free to contact me! I make all masks to order and would be happy to do a custom size!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tagen Veum

These are adorable masks and they fit really well. So many cute patterns. I got them for my daughter and her boyfriend and they loved them.

Reyna Cormier

Magnificent, get compliments all the time!

Tunfifill Kris

These are the second and third masks I've ordered from here, and they're lovely. Thank you!

Alana O'Kon

I love this mask! Nose wire helps with glasses fog, adjustable ribbon ear pieces so I don't have to worry about elastic getting too stretched out. Great buy!

Emily Kozey

The mask looks great, but I didn't realize the ear loops were ribbon and not elastic. Ribbon is really difficult to use and elastic is much better. I'm going to have to swap the ribbons out for elastic so I can actually wear the mask. The lining in the mask also doesn't lie flat inside the mask and bunches up.